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Softball league rules

  1. Games will be 90 minutes in duration. A ten minute grace period will be given. Warm-ups must be conducted on the sidelines.
  2. Regular Season games will be 7 completed innings, or no new innings after 75 minutes.If the inning is not completed within the 90 minute limit, the score will go back to the last completed inning. It is the umpire’s responsibility to notify the teams at the 75 minute mark.
  3. No metal cleats allowed.
  4. Catcher must wear a chest protector, mask with throat guard, helmet, and shin guards. Anyone warming up a pitcher must be wearing a mask and helmet (on or off the diamond).
  5. Batters and base runners must wear helmets with double ear flaps and with chin straps attached. If a player intentionally removes the helmet while on the playing field they will be automatically out.
  6. A game may be played with 8 players. The 9th position is an automatic out if not filled, except for the last inning.
  7. Home team is responsible for bringing and setting up the bases, for providing the balls, and for bringing and faxing in the score sheet.If teams have the same colour shirts, the home team is responsible to provide an alternate colour.
  8. Players shall not wear anything which endangers themselves or others. Jewelry must be removed (i.e. Nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc.) There are no exceptions to this rule. Medical alert tags should not be removed. Do not tape medical alert jewelry.

This league follows the official rules as outlined in the Softball Canada rule book. Please see www.softball.ca to view the rule book. The rules printed below are league modifications, highlights, or exceptions.

  1. All team members are to play a minimum of 2 innings. Unless injured, all players listed on the score sheet bat in sequence regardless of whether they are on the field or not.
  2. Upon arrival, late players should be added to the batting order at the bottom of the list.
  3. Modified pitch will be used.A Modified Pitch is defined as follows. The release must be on the first forward swing of the pitching arm past hip. The release must have a complete smooth follow-through with no abrupt stop of the arm near the hip.
  4. Windmill or slingshot pitches are not allowed.
  5. Base runners may leave the base when the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.
  6. When the ball is overthrown and enters the dead ball area, runners may advance two bases from the time of the throw.Only one base on a wild pitch that enters the dead ball area.
  7. Defensive players on the field may switch positions freely.
  8. The dropped third strike rule is in effect.When the catcher fails to catch a third strike before it touches the ground
    1. If there are less than 2 outs and first base is unoccupied, the batter can run to first base. If first base is occupied, the batter is out.
    2. If there are 2 outs the batter can run if first base is occupied or not.
  9. A substitute runner may be used by a player who is physically disabled/injured (with a certificate from a medical doctor) and is able to play in a defensive position (i.e. Pitcher) but is incapable of running the bases.**The Courtesy runner will be the last player out**

    Player must have a copy of the certificate on them for every game. 

    Note: There are two types of courtesy runners.

    1. The first is listed in the rules [above], which requires a medical certificate --- the runner starts at home.
    2. The second type covers players injured during the game.Softball Canada Rules apply where the batter/runner must reach first base successfully and then may have a substitute runner.(Final decision is determined by the umpire.)
  10. Mercy Rule: There is a limit of 6 runs per inning, with unlimited runs allowed only in the last inning.
  11. Bunting is allowed, unless there is a substitute runner.
  12. Unfair Play: If a player is ejected and that reduces the roster to below 9, the team forfeits the game.
  13. Home teams will be responsible for entering the scores on the website within 24 hours and holding onto the scoresheet until the end of the season. The visiting team is responsible for confirming the inputted score within 24 hours of receiving the automatic notice to do so.

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